How to cook whelks in a blue cheese sauce

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How to cook whelks in a blue cheese sauce
Whelks in a blue cheese sauce is another restaurant quality combination. The only problem, it is necessary to find lovely way to serve it and I use kind of fusion style and serve this mixture in the Yorkshire puddings

These whelks in a blue cheese sauce in Yorkshire puddings was a very popular starter in restaurant, and now I will teach you how to cook it.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Clean whelks first. Cut them into halves and remove intestines. In previous recipe I’ve describe it in bigger details

  2. Now, it is time to prepare all herbs. Just finely slice chives, garlic, parsley, sage and leek or shallot.

  3. When everything is ready, let’s cook it!

    Make sure that you Yorkshire puddings are ready. If they are frozen, it is better to keep them 5 min in the oven. It is okay to put them into a cold oven, when you will finish to fry whelks, oven will give enough heat to them.

    Preheat pan and add drop of olive oil with butter. When it start melting, add leek and cook until its turns soft, don’t overcook it. Then add sage, whelks, salt and pepper them and add 50-70ml of wine. Cook about 1-2 min

  4. Add 50ml of double cream and bring to boil. Add blue cheese and reduce heat. Be careful about amount of blue cheese used, but I do like strong flavour, that is why I’m using mature blue Stilton and take about 50 gm of these cheese.

  5. Add chives and parsley, stir them in and take of the heat.

  6. Serve these fried whelks in a Yorkshire pudding cups. Decorate with micro herbs and some salad leafs. That it, pretty simple and easy.

    Watch our video to see how I’m doing it and you will see that this is pretty simple and easy way of cooking of this lovely restaurant dish from whelks.

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