How to cook Sri Lanka Lobster Curry

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How to cook Sri Lanka Lobster Curry
Lobster Curry (පොකිරිස්සෝ කරිය), is a traditional way of cooking rock lobster in Sri Lanka. Many tourists in Sri Lanka already familiar with this dish, because it was served in all high-class restaurants. It is not very easy to go to Sri Lanka to try this amazing dish, but if you can find rock lobster, you can cook it by yourself. In this article I will show you how to make proper lobster curry from Sri Lanka. You also can have a look to the video with detailed instructions.

Traditionally this dish is very hot, but you can adjust the spice level of this lobster curry to your preferences. And last remark – you can use common lobster as well, instead of rock lobster (spiny lobster) but you need to use slightly different cleaning techniques for its head.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for two portions:
    • 2 Sri Lank lobsters
    • 2 Tomatoes
    • 12 Shallot onions
    • 1 Garlic
    • 4 cm Ginger
    • 4 cm. Galangal
    • 3 stalks Lemon grass
    • 3 hot chilli
    • 2 tbsp. Curry leaves
    • 3 tbsp. Red curry paste
    • 300 ml Coconut milk
    • 1 bunch Cilantro
    • ½ tsp. Cinnamon; ½ tsp.
    • Bl. Pepper
    • 1-2tsp turmeric
    • Salt to taste
    • 2-3 tbsp. Oil for cooking
    Prepare all ingredients. Smash and chop garlic, chop onion, finely chop ginger. Cut galangal into few large pieces, clean lemon grass, chop tomatoes.

  2. To clean rock lobster, do the following steps:
    1. Pull off the tail from the head
    2. Cut along the back side of the tail shell. It is easier to do with scissors.
    3. Remove intestine from the back
    4. Cut the shell on the belly side with scissors and set apart.
    5. From the head – remove all legs and antennas. Keep them in the freezer for other dishes
    6. It is possible to cut through gill split to remove gills and separate top an bottom part of the head. Yes, I know, this is not head, this is carapace.

  3. Not you can start cooking from preheating large deep pan with a bit of vegetable oil. Then do the following steps, constantly stirring:
    1. Fry garlic with ginger until browning
    2. Add onion and fry until transparent
    3. Add curry leaves, chilli, galangal
    4. Add red hot curry paste
    5. Add lemongrass, tomatoes and cook few minutes
    6. Add boiling water, spices and coriander stalks
    7. When start boiling again – place lobster pieces, cover with lid and cook for 5 min
    8. Turn, add coconut milk, some boiling water if necessary
    9. Cook under lid about 15-20 min turning lobster occasionally
    10. Add coriander leaves and switch off the heat.

  4. Serve with rice. Do it accurately, but remember, this is curry, don’t do too much decorations!

    For better understanding of all this process, watch out video and try to repeat it. It is very easy and always winning lobster curry!

    You can try to do Lobster Curry (පොකිරිස්සෝ කරිය) from common lobster, but you ned to crack claws prior to cooking, to allow sauce to go in.

tips and tricks

  • You can remove gills from rock lobster prior cooking
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