How to cook linguine with langoustines

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How to cook linguine with langoustines
Linguine with langoustines is an example of traditional Italian cooking of pasta with seafood. Also linguine with langousines is one of the best way of cooking langousites, also known as Norway Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus). In Italy, this dish will be called Linguine con scampi. In many places this dish cooked wrongly. The main idea of proper langoustines cooking, is to keep as much flavours in the tails and release all flavours from the head. Therefore, when I’m showing how to cook linguine with langoustines (or linguine con scampi), I always use this small trick by preparing langoustines by special way.

Go ahead and read how to cook linguine with langoustines, or, just watch our video about Linguine with langoustines and next time your dish will be perfect.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients. Let’s do two portions of linguine with langoustines. Because we use secret techniques to release all flavours form langoustines, then 3 lobsters will be good enough for every portion. Also I do advise you to use bronze pasta – it absorbs sauce much better.
    Tomatoes should be very sweet – ripped sugar-drop cherry tomatoes are perfectly suitable.
    Another question – should we add prawns or not. Long story short – yes, it will give you extra seafood meat which match perfectly with langoustines, but if you will not add them – it is ok, the dish will be anyway truly amazing!
    • Langoustines – 6
    • Bronze Die Linguine – 250g
    • Prawns – 200g (optional)
    • Garlic – 3 gloves
    • Sweet cherry tomatoes – 10
    • Hot chilli – 1 (to taste)
    • Olive oil – 2-3 tbsp
    • White wine – 50 ml – I prefer to use sweet German wines.
    • Hard cheese – to serve
    • Fresh parsley – small bunch
    • Salt, Black pepper – to taste

    When you find all ingredients, prepare to act quickly – all cooking will take only 10-12 min.

  2. Prepare all ingredients for cooking. When you will be more skilful in cooking linguine with langoustines you can prepare them on the move, during cooking, but for the first time I will advise you to prepare everything in advance. Lets start to do it, step by step
    • Finely slice very hot chilli – as much as you like really. In many recipes I can’t give you exact amount of chilly required, because every chilli fruit is different. But let’s start from one small birds eye.
    • Finely slice garlic – this is much better to do with knife, rather than garlic press.
    • Cut cherry tomatoes into halves, but make sure that they are really sweet. Sour tomatoes will make your dish not very great – you will need to use sugar to adjust the taste. When slicing tomatoes, don;t shy to try one to check the taste
    • Finely chop parsley stalks – they shod have some time to be cooked and small size make them much more tender. Again, it is better to buy potted parsley – it is much more tender.
    • Roughly cut parsley leaves, or you can tear them with hands
    • Langoustine/Norway lobster – such a lovely creature, they have not very long tail, but so much flavours in their head! To use most of all - cut them into halves as shown in the video.
    • Remove vein (intestines) from the tail and remove food bag (stomach) – near mouth in the lobsters head.
    • Prawns, cut them halfway along the body and remove intestines if any

  3. Bring water to boil, and salt water for cooking pasta. When water start boiling again – add linguine and drown them down. Now you have only 10 min to cook linguine with langoustines and you need to move fast. So, sit down and read next step.
    • Sprinkle warming pan with olive oil
    • Fry garlic with chilli pepper until fragrant
    • Place the langoustines with meat downwards
    • Cook on high heat 1 min, sprinkle with salt and BP
    • Add parsley stalks and tomatoes
    • Add white wine and cook 1 min
    • Add prawns
    • Gently shake/stir every so often

    General advice – if you feel that your dish looks dry – add a bit of olive oil again.

  4. As for now, you almost prepare sauce with langoustines and prawns and you need to cook it a bit more for proper taste. Do following steps:
    • Cook 3 more minutes and add parsley leaves
    • Shake once again and add pasta with a bit of liquid
    • Add olive oil, mix everything and serve
    That simple. Only try to do not loose half when mixing and during cooking, check that sauce not evaporates completely – can always add drop of water.

  5. Serve pasta first and then langoustines on top. Don’t forget about prawns and tomatoes. Grate cheese on top. At the end, decorate with parsley leaves.

    For better understanding how to cook linguine with langoustines, or, linguine con scampi, watch our video and follow these simple instructions.

    After this video, you always will cook langoustines only with linguine.

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