How to make sardines and egg sandwich

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How to make sardines and egg sandwich
Open sandwiches are very popular in USSR and Russia. You can find a lot of different combinations for any taste and price. Tinned sardines and mackerel was very popular in USSR and these fishes were used for many different dishes including open sandwiches. I will tell you How to make sardines and egg sandwich in traditional way. You can read description below or watch short video about sardines and egg sandwich and try to make this combination by yourself. It is nice and easy, and very nutritious.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients are simple. Good portion for one person it is 2 standard or 4 small open sandwiches. Here all ingredients:
    • Sardines in oil or brine. Personally I prefer to use sardines in oil as more tasty choice – 1 tin
    • Hard boiled egg – 1
    • Sweet red onion – just few slices
    • Dill for decoration
    • Soft white bread, suitable for sandwiches.

  2. Remove sardines from the oil, scale them, split into halves and remove backbone. Egg slice into few thick clices – 4 slices per egg. Onion slice pretty thinl.

  3. Combine everything on the bread – egg, sardines, onion, dill. That it. Everything is ready. Amount of ingredients in egg and sardines sandwich are only depends on your personal taste and preferable final size. Watch our video, how we do this egg and sardines open sandwich.

    and also try this combination – you will like it!

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