How to make skate and sweetcorn cream-soup

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How to make skate and sweetcorn cream-soup
Sweet corn cream-soup can be easily improved by adding some fish in it. In this recipe, I will show you how to make sweet corn cream soup with skate meat. This is really delicious soup and it can be served in restaurant.

Another advantage of this soup – it can be cooked from raw ingredients within 15 min, which make it suitable for cooking to order in busy restaurant environment. Also skate and sweetcorn cream-soup can be used as a quick lunch after work or as a good started for quests.

So, let’s cook lets skate and sweetcorn cream-soup together, but before you start to cook, please watch our video Sweet corn cream soup with skate and dont’t forget to subscribe to out channel!!!

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for sweetcorn cream-sop with skate. This amount of ingredients are calculated for 2 portions:
    • One skate wing - 200 g
    • Sweet corn can - 2х200 g
    • Thick double cream - 100 g
    • Water - 200 ml
    • White pepper - 1/4 tsp
    • Kurkuma (turmeric) - 2 tsp
    • Coriander, Pumpkin oil - for decoration
    • Salt - to taste

  2. To make everything quickly – you need to work very fast and do few things together, which is not difficult if you have some cooking experience. But first of all, it is better to start boiling skate wing in boiling water, not in cold water – just to save time. If you are working in restaurant environment – you always should have some boiling water ready to use. Of course it is better to boil fish under the lid – it will be cooked faster. Don’t forget to salt water. Salt a bit stronger, because later on you will add a lot of ingredients which dilute salt.

  3. After boiling 5-8 min, skate will be ready. If you are not sure – you can check it by piercing meat with some wooden stick or fork – it should go through easily. If it is ready – remove fish from boiling water and set aside on chopping board.

  4. Add sweet corn from tin to the boiling fish stock, and about half of all planned spices. When it is start boiling again – it will be enough to cook it for 5 min only – if it is a good soft sweet corn (Green Giant brand, for example)

  5. While sweet corn is cooking, you have few minutes to scrape fish meat from bones. Use fork for this. Also you can separate few grains for further dish decoration and set them aside.

  6. Shred fish meat with for to make it less chunky. I hope you can finish to prepare it just within sweet corn cooking time.

  7. Remove soup from the fire and blend it with hand stick blender. Remove sweet corn shells from the blender end few times to make soup more soft and uniform. Also all the rest of spices. When sweet corn will be well blended, add double cream and blend a bit more.

  8. Return fish meat back to the soup and mix it. Do not blend any more. Actually, sweet corn cream soup with skate is ready, and now you need to serve it nicely.

  9. For better presentation, you can decorate soup surface with prepared fish grains, coriander leaves and drops of pumpkin oil. You can also use some red spices for make a bit of contrast on the surface – use Sitimi Togaraci or saffron for red colour.

    Watch our video, about cooking of this sweet corn cream soup with skate

    and try to repeat at home – you will always like the result!!!

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