How to cook baked potatoes

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How to cook baked potatoes
Baked potatoes also known as jacket potatoes is very easy to cook and very nutritious. Baked potatoes is traditional for English cousine. Properly cooked backed potatoes is very nice base for hundreds different fillings. The only disadvantage of this food - it is impossible to reheat backed potatoes without loosing of it beautiful taste.

step-by-step instructions

  1. To cook backed potatoes you need to have very big, high quality clean potatoes, which can be found in many shops, a bit of olive oil and sea or rock salt.

  2. With wooden stick make plenty of holes in the potatoes skin.

  3. Cover each potato with olive oil.

  4. Grind salt on top of each potato.

  5. Place potatoes on the tray or foil and put into preheated oven, temperature about 200 degrees and bake for 1½ - 2 hours.

  6. To check that potatoes are ready, the easiest way to pierce potatoes with wooden stick. If the stick goes through easily, then it is ready.

  7. Place potato on the big plate.

  8. Cut the skin and the body of potato and widely open it.

  9. Place salted butter inside and wait until the butter will be melted.

  10. Place plenty of filling on top and enjoy.

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