How to make raw prawns marinated in soy sauce

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How to make raw prawns marinated in soy sauce
Prawns, marinated in soy sauce is one of the jeotgal type in Korea. This dish can be used as a of banchan. It is possible ti cook this prawn marinated prawns whole, or peeled. In this recipe, How to make raw prawns marinated in soy sauce Saeujang (새우장), you will learn, how to cook it form whole prawns.

The idea of this recipe is very simple. At the first step, it is necessary to improve taste of the soy sauce by cooking it with different spices and herbs, and at the second step, you use this special soy sauce to marinade prawns until they ready.

Usually, this prawns marinated in soy sauce can be ready between one day and one week of keeping in the soy sauce, bit it is necessary to remember, that the chitin shell slows the marinating process. If you want to have more quickly more richly taste jeotgal, you can use peeled prawns. The recipe with peeled prawns will be published later on.

The disadvantage of this side dish is that you need to do messy job in order to eat it. But the simplicity of cooking make this food very nice for home consumption, but for more posh place it is better to peel it before serving.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • Fresh Raw prawns – 0.5kg. It is possible to use defrosted prawns
    • Soy Sauce – 200 ml – use Korean sauce jin-ganjang (진간장).
    • Water – 300 ml.
    • Corn syrup – 50 ml, this is Korean Mulyeot (물엿)
    • Rice wine – 50 ml
    • Garlic – 1 bulb
    • Ginger – 2 inches
    • Green onion – 2-3 sticks
    • Onion – 1 bulb
    • Apple – 1 small or half large
    • 4-6 green and red chillies, like birds eye or finger chilli
    • 2-3 mild dried dried peppers
    • Small bunch of Kelp, or Dasima (다시마) – algae for umami taste
    • Black peppercorn – 1 tbsp

  2. Roughly chop all ingredients and mix with water, soy sauce, wine and syrup. Actually, the exact proportion of ingredients is not very crucial. Every component will add some tips to the final taste, but the overall picture can be very different for different chefs. The main idea it to keep the appropriate level of saltiness by mixing of right amount of soy sauce with water, and keep expected spiciness by adjusting of amount hot chillies. All other ingredients can vary in amount and proportions.

  3. Bring everything to boil and simmer for 30 minutes. Avoid strong bubbling and evaporation. After half-hour simmering, remove from the heat and chill down to a room temperature and then refrigerate it. When the marinade is chilled down, filter it through any mesh. It is ready for raw prawns marinating.

  4. While your marinade is preparing, it is a good time to prepare prawns. Of course, you can leave them as they are, but it will be much better to trim extra spiky bits from the shell, to make consumption easier and safer. Look at the picture, it is four simple steps, to trim prawn’s shell. It is very convenient to use scissors. Usually, it is convenient to follow the next steps:
    1. Cut off the rostrum. The most spikes part of the prawn shell.
    2. Cut off telson – top part of the prawn tail.
    3. With the toothpick remove intestines through the gap between the segments on the back of the prawn.
    4. Trim off legs and antennas.

    That it really. This is not peeled prawn, but the final cleaning will be much easier and everything will looks much accurate.

  5. Small plastic or glass container fill with layers of prawns with adding slices of garlic and hot chilli peppers. This chilli peppers will add a bit of crispy hot flavour to your prawns marinated in soy sauce jeotgal.

  6. Fill in with brewed soy sauce marinade. Make sure that all prawns are covered by marinade. Leave in the fridge for marinating at least overnight, or preferable for 2-3 days. Up to a week.

  7. Serving suggestions. As a part of a bunchan, Saeujang should be served with rice. Place few marinaded prawns on the place, add few spoons of marinade (it it extremely tasty liquid!), sprinkle your prawns with very thinly chopped hot chilli and green onion. Also you can serve few Gim (김) sheets. Then you can peel the prawn, take small sheet of gim, place rice on top and add peeled prawn.

tips and tricks

  • Before serving, quickly flash-burn gim sheets over the gas fire, to add extra flavours.
  • Serving Saeujang, bear in mind, that this is bit messy to peel it. So, don’t forget to provide extra napkins, towels or plastic glows.
  • This recipe is very easy, if you can find all ingredients. Go to any oriental store.
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