How to cook hot and sweet sauce for oysters

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How to cook hot and sweet sauce for oysters
Live oysters are very tasty, but usually they are served with freshly prepared sauces. In this recipe I will give a recipe of simple hot and sweet sauce for oysters, which can be prepared in minutes, but this sauce is much more tasty than standard lemon and Tabasco mixture. This hot and sweet sauce for oysters is very simple but can be used for many other dishes.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Recipe of sauce for at least dozen oysters. In fact this amount of sauce will be enough for two dozen of oysters.
    • Fresh live oysters.
    • 2 cm length of fresh ginger root.
    • Half of medium-hot chilli. If you prefer more hot dish, use birds eye chilli.
    • 2 tsp of sugar.
    • 5-6 tbsp of rice vinegar.

  2. Chop ginger into a small cubes.

  3. Chop chilli with seeds into a small slices.

  4. Mix rice vinegar with sugar, ginger and chilli. Set aside this sauce for 5-10 minutes and open oysters.

  5. Sprinkle sauce on top of oysters and serve.

    Short video, how to make this sauce and how to shuck oysters:

tips and tricks

  • Is oyster is not alive – discard it.
  • Use extra care when open oysters. It is better to use hand protection.
  • All ingredients for this sauce should be very fresh!!!
  • It is ok to serve oyster on the plate, but if you place some ice under them, it will be perfect and allow to stay fresh a bit longer.
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