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How to cook summer shchi

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How to cook summer shchi
Summer shchi is a traditional cabbage soup that is very popular in Russia and other nearby countries. There exists two main types of Russian cabbage soups; one made from sour cabbage, or winter shchi, and another made from fresh white cabbage, summer shchi. The main characteristics of this summer soup are that it’s very easy to cook, incredibly easy to modify ingredients-wise and very light in flavour while rich in nutrition. In this recipe, I will describe the simplest way to cook summer shchi for beginners. The simplest techniques of cooking will be used, but to follow this way of cooking, the list of meat ingredients should be followed carefully.

Shchi is usually cooked in large quantities to use as soup over a few days – in addition, the taste of the soup improves over days of storage in the fridge.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for 8-10 portions.
    • Hard White cabbage. One medium head. About 1 kg in weight.
    • Lean pork shoulder or shank, possibly with skin. About 800 gm.
    • Veal ribs, ¼ of a whole veal rib set, about 800 gm.
    • Veal neck, about 2-3 neck bones (vertebra) with meat around them.
    • Carrot. One large root.
    • Onion, 2 medium-large heads.
    • Celery, 2-3 sticks.
    • Tomato, 1 medium fruit.
    • Garlic, half or whole medium bulb.
    • Spices: The list of spices can be modified to the preferable taste, but the main idea, it should be simple and not hot.
      • Salt, to taste. Usually 3-4 tsp will be enough for these ingredients.
      • Coriander, ½ tsp.
      • Cumin seeds, ½ tsp.
      • Sumac, ½ tsp.
      • Paprika, ½ tsp.
    • Water, 3 litres.

  2. Chop cabbage into a small cubes, as shown. This is a traditional size of cabbage cutting for this soup.

  3. Place ingredients into a large bowl in a layers. Cabbage; Pork chopped into a 2-3 cm cubes; Finely chopped onion; Tomatoes chopped into a small cubes; Piled garlic;

  4. Next layer – Chopped into a decent size veal ribs; Grated carrot; Chopped celery; Veal neck. Add 3 litres of water, or a bit more to cover everything. Add salt.

  5. Bring to boil and remove any foam from the surface. Add all spices. Close the lid, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Check salt during the simmering.

  6. Serve with a good, tasty bread, preferably worm.

tips and tricks

  • Veal meat is very crucial for this recipe.
  • In veal meat is unavailable, then it is necessary to cook this soup through meat stock preparation first.
  • It is very interesting to add ½ tsp. of dried tomatoes and caraway seeds.
  • It is possible to serve this soup with table spoon of sour cream, but usually sour cream is used to improve the taste of poorly cooked cabbage soup, which is not necessary for this recipe.
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