How to make lamb stuffed quince

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How to make lamb stuffed quince
Sour, slightly astringent taste of quince can be very well balanced with juicy lamb mince. This dish known as dolma, or to be more precise, Etchmiadzin dolma from Azerbaijan cuisine. The main idea of this dish is to make lamb stuffed quince, or any other vegetables. One average stuffed quince, contains about 100 gm of mince, can make one good sized portion.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients for three portions:
    • Quince, 3 fruits.
    • Lamb, 200 gm. Preferably from the leg.
    • Lamb fat, 100 gm.
    • Onion, 200 gm + 2 average sized onions for bed layer.
    • Salt and black pepper to taste.

  2. Cut meat into fine pieces. This is far better that mince it with professional mincer.

  3. Cut fat into fine pieces. Actually it is possible to perform this step with mincer, but with knife it will be much faster.

  4. Chop onion into a small cubes.

  5. Cut off the lid from the quince fruit. Remove central bit from the quince, making walls around 1 cm thick. This is a bit difficult step, which can be performed with very short sharp knife and teaspoon.

  6. Mix carefully lamb meat with fat and onion. Salt and pepper to taste.

  7. Fill tightly the quince cups with stuffing.

  8. On the bottom of the thick backing tray (ceramic or class) make a layer of chopped onion with some lamb fat bits. This layer prevent the quinces from burning.

  9. Roast in the 180-200 ° C. oven without fan for about 1h 30 min. First half time do it with loosed foil lid. Serve!

tips and tricks

  • Check regularly lamb stuffed quince during roasting to avoid overcooking.
  • This is general technique of making Etchmiadzin dolma, which can be used for cooking with plenty different vegetables, like bell pepper, aubergine, tomatoes, etc.
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