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How to make Japanese seafood soup with enoki

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How to make Japanese seafood soup with enoki
This soup is from “must have” range for any oriental style restaurants. Sweet enoki, or enokitake, with seafood make very distinctive taste. Very easy recipe make this Japanese seafood soup suitable for home cooking with any skills.

step-by-step instructions

  1. As usual, prepare all ingredients. The quality and appearance of this Japanese seafood soup is relay on the quality of ingredients. Please chose the best seafood. To save some money it is better to buy in oriental shops.
    • 1.5 ltr of water
    • Seafood. You can chose any, but higher variety give better results. So we give just an idea.
      • 2 large cleaned squids
      • 3 large scallops
      • 10 large piled tiger prawns, preferable fresh, not cooked
      • 15 large New Zealand green mussels
    • 300g Enoki. Very easy to buy in any Asda or oriental store
    • Few garlic gloves
    • Small ginger root
    • Sesame oil and vegetable or olive oil
    • Coriander, green onion/chives and salt

  2. Separate mushrooms from bunch. Finely slice garlic. Skin and chop ginger.

  3. Slice scallops into smaller parts

  4. Cut the back of shrimp and remove and discard the vein the runs

  5. Cut squid into large squares and make thin diagonal cuts on one side of squid body

  6. Roast enoki on the mixture of sesame and vegetable or olive oil

  7. Place cleaned seafood, garlic and ginger into salted boiling water

  8. You should roast enoki, and bring to boil soup simultaneously. Usually, when mushrooms are ready, soup just start to boil

  9. Place mushrooms into boiling soup and simmer for half min

  10. Serve with freshly chopped coriander and green onion

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