How to cook crispy French Fries from prepack fries

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How to cook crispy French Fries from prepack fries
Many large shops have a frozen chips for French Fries cooking. These frozen chips are much more convenient in compare with preparation from the raw potatoes. Following the standard instructions from the pack will not give the best results, but it is very easy to improve it. In this recipe we will give the simplest way to cook standard frozen chips to make very good results. These chips, also known as a French Fries, are perfect as a side dish for any meats, fishes etc.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients:
    • French Fries crispy chips. I do prefer to use thin McCain crisps. Take as much as you need for one meal. When cooked, these chips are not stored.
    • Olive oil. On the pack of these chips is states, that these chips are already frozen with enough oil, but this is not true, it is absolutely crucial to add some more very tasty olive oil. Let say it is enough to have 1-2 tbsp per 0.5 kg of frozen chips.
    • Milled salt and pepper to taste.
    • Fresh thyme, few branches.

  2. Preheat oven to 200 ° C. Use large baking tray. Pile chips on the middle of the tray. Salt and pepper them. Add chopped thyme. Add olive oil.

  3. Mix everything well. It is convenient to do with two spatulas.

  4. Spread chips uniformly over the baking tray. Put the tray with chips into the oven.

  5. Check chips regularly and turn them each 7 minutes. The overall cooking time should be between 20 and 25 minutes, which depends from the freezer temperature and preferred doneness.

    Sprinkle with freshly chopped dill before serving.

tips and tricks

  • Use these French Fries chips as a side dish to any meat or fish dishes. Don't forget to add some salads and/or pickles.
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