How to make salmon stuffed with mussels and green creamy cheese

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How to make salmon stuffed with mussels and green creamy cheese
Very interesting seafood side dish from Chilli. This is a very tasty salmon dish, which can be used as a starter, appetizer or side dish for red wine, or as a main dish. Being a very simple and tasty, this stuffed salmon will be perfect as a restaurant dish, or as a snack for a party. When serving, don't forget to serve some sauces, like soy sauce, or balsamic vinegar, or some more complicated sauces.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Ingredients
    • Salmon fillet. Salmon fillet should be suitable for cutting into 1x5x5 cm shapes. In total about 200-300 gr of salmon fillet per full portion for adult.
    • Cooked mussels.
    • Full fat soft cheese, like Philadelphia. 100 gm
    • Parsley, one medium or even large bunch
    • Ingredients for batter
      • Flour, 2-3 tbsp
      • Eggs, 3.
      • Bread crumbs, 4 tbsp
      • Salt, 1/2 tsp
    • Vegetable oil. It is better to use olive oil with addition of sesame oil.
    • Ingredients for serving
      • Soy sauce, or some sauces based on soy sauce
      • Balsamic vinegar

  2. Use only parsley leaves without stems. Chop leaves very well.

  3. Mix well chopped parsley leaves with soft cheese. It is a good idea to add some chopped dill as well.

  4. Stuff salmon fillet with mussels and soft green cheese with following technique. 1. Cut 1x5x5 cm piece of salmon fillet, and make sure that this piece do not contains any bones. 2. Make a deep hole by piecing with knife of one side. 3. Insert one or two mussels inside the pocket in the salmon fillet. 4. Seal hole in the salmon pocket with green soft cheese.

  5. Prepare all ingredients for battering. Mix flour with salt. Beat eggs with fork, but do not make any foam. Carefully mill the bread crumbs with mortar.

  6. When all salmon fillet will be stuffed with mussels and green soft cheese, batter them by three following steps:
    • Cover salmon with salted flour. Be careful to do not destroy the soft cheese sealing. Basically, just roll salmon fillet in the plate with flour.
    • Dip floured salmon into the liquid egg. Be sure, that all sides of salmon fillet are covered with eggs.
    • Cover egged salmon fillet with bread crumbs. Just roll egged salmon in bread crumbs.

  7. Preheat oil to 130 ° C. Cook battered stuffed salmon fillets in the oil at 130 ° C. Do not overload oil with plenty of salmon pieces – they can stick to each other or to the walls. Cook about 3 minutes, until the cram cheese starts to break the battering wall.

  8. Serve with balsamic vinegar, or soy sauce, or some more complicated sauces.

tips and tricks

  • Use fresh oil for cooking, and discard it after cooking.
  • Red wine is extremely recommended for this dish.
  • Use low fat cheese to make less nutritious dish.
  • Use thermometer to monitor oil temperature.
  • Well milled bread crumbs will give very soft and tender cover for stuffed salmon.
  • This dish is perfect when hot, and perfect when cold, so try to keep some for latter time.
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