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shaggy ink cap

About shaggy ink cap

Shaggy Ink Cap mushrooms (Coprinus comatus), also known as Lawyer's wig, is a common autumn fungi. shaggy ink cap These mushrooms usually grow in large groups in a rich soils, like farm fields, parks and gardens. The cap of fruit body quickly turns black due to autolysis reaction, therefore these mushrooms should be prepared not later than after two hours after collection. Also it is very important to remember, that these mushrooms are very similar to Common ink cap or Inky cap, which can be poison with alcohol.

Shaggy Ink Cap are very rich with mushroomy taste and can be used as a small additive to many dishes even as a small additive. For cooking, only young fruit body can be used, which are not turns black. If only the small part of the cap turns black – this bit can be removed. Shaggy Ink Cap mushroom legs can be fibrous, therefore they can be rejected from cooking.

Autolysis can destroy Shaggy Ink Cap mushrooms even when they are frozen, that is why, they can only be stored after hot temperature preparation. These mushrooms are considered as delicious in many European countries, like France, Finland and Czech Republic.

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