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  • How to cook octopus, English styleHow to cook octopus, English style
    This recipe shows a popular way to cook octopus in England. The slow cooking technique turns octopus skin into a jelly and tenderize meat from ...

  • How to grill octopusHow to grill octopus
    Grilled octopus is a very tasty example of Mediterranean cuisine. Almost everywhere around Mediterranean sea you can fin grills with this octopus. ...

  • How to cook octopus carpaccioHow to cook octopus carpaccio
    Usually, carpaccio is prepared from thinly sliced row products, but today, we will make carpaccio from well cooked octopus. This dish is originated ...

  • How to cook octopus Neapolitan styleHow to cook octopus Neapolitan style
    Naples is a large Italian fishermen town on Mediterranean sea. These fishermen do know how to cook octopus Neapolitan style. I've learn this recipe ...

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