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  • How to make spicy salted mackerelHow to make spicy salted mackerel
    Very interesting combination of taste for mackerel can be achieved by marinating mackerel in the mixture of cloves, allspice and a black pepper ...

  • How to quickly salt mackerel slicesHow to quickly salt mackerel slices
    Mackerel is a fish, which can be salted very quickly and the taste can be compatible with salted and smoked salmon. The most important feature of ...

  • How to grill mackerel on charcoalHow to grill mackerel on charcoal
    Mackerel, grilled on charcoal, is one of the best mackerel you can possibly cook. To achieve such good results, you should follow all instructions, ...

  • How to cook mackerel in microwaveHow to cook mackerel in microwave
    Microwave is usually used for warming up previously cooked dishes, but for cooking, microwave is not suitable. Only few dishes can be cooked in ...

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