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Internet might be deemed as the best invention of the 20th century but it too has a big weakness in the form of internet security. Where the world of internet has given rise to cultural exchanges, it has also given rise to evil minds that belong to hackers and other beings involved in cybercrimes, invading the privacy of people, intercepting the information being passed from one person to another and basically threatening internet security.

With multiple digital existences and the rise of many social networking sites (SNS), illegal activities have become extremely common. With internet having a huge reach and being controlled by no one in particular, it is now more or less up to the individuals to take responsibility of being secure from some of the common threats mentioned below.

Threats to Internet Security

  • Identity theft: It happens when the victim’s information goes into wrong hands and the information thief basically is in the position to impersonate the victim and get access of his valuables using the internet bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Sexual harassment: This has certainly risen to a great extent with many chat rooms and forums popping up on a daily basis. The SNS and dating sites have also helped conceal the real identities of the ones indulging in sex related crimes, victimizing innocent women.
  • Internet viruses: These harmful programs enter the computer through the internet. Viruses attach through emails or by opening up a virus infected website.

Internet Security Measures

  1. Anti-virus software: Usage of a computer without having anti-virus software installed is unheard of these days. Anti-virus not only detects the viruses but it might also help you repair the damaged files containing the virus.
  2. Firewall: Firewall prevents the virus from entering into the computer at all cost. The information is passed through the firewall when being sent or received.
  3. IDS or Intrusion detection system: This system warns you in case of an invasion of your privacy on the internet or in case when someone has an unauthorized access to your information.
  4. Combination of all of the above: Usually businesses that have a lot to hide from their competitors go with this technique to achieve maximum level of security.
  5. Responsible use of the internet: The user should be careful when passing out information on the internet or when visiting web pages via links.
With the knowledge of common threats to internet security combined with the measures mentioned above, it would be difficult for the invaders to threaten your security on the internet.
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