Salmon is the name commonly used to refer to the numerous fish species belonging to the Salmonidae family. Some of the fish of the same family are referred to as trout, the difference being that trout stay in the same region throughout the year while salmon migrate to other parts of the water following seasonal changes. The main region where salmon can be commonly found is the waters of Pacific and North Atlantic oceans. Now they are also found in the North American lakes. Salmon are produced worldwide through aquaculture techniques.

Generally, Salmon originate in fresh water and then move towards the oceanic waters, but eventually return to the fresh water where they can easily reproduce. There are some distinct types of salmon that may spend their entire lifetime living in fresh water and do not migrate to the oceans. Some legends suggest that these fish choose o the same place for spawning where they were born themselves. Scientific research has proved this belief to be true. Salmon are able to trace their birth spot on the basis of the olfactory memory, that is, memory based on the smelling sense.

Salmon History

For a long time, Salmon has been an integral part of the coastal culture. It has been a common tradition of the residents of the Pacific to celebrate the first return of Salmon every year. In many cultures, it was common for people to catch the salmon when they would return to the fresh water in order to lay their eggs. Columbia River was one of the famous sites where spear fishing used to be practiced. In the Japanese culture, the Ainu, a tribe of Japan used to train their dogs to catch salmon when they would come back to the spawning grounds.

With the increasing trend of catching salmon, the statistics show that the salmon population in the Columbian River is now less than just 3% of what it used to be in the nineteenth century. It was back in 1866 that the first Salmon canneries were made and this has decreased the salmon population ever since. By 1908, Theodore Roosevelt, the US President at the time, stressed upon how the fish were under serious threat due to these fishing activities.

Salmon as a Food

Salmon is classified as one of the most popular foods today which are quite common due to its high protein content and the fact that it is rich in Omega3 fats and Vitamin D, essential for the human body. The fish is also a significant source of cholesterol. Scientific research has laid much emphasis on how this particular species of fish help sharpen the functions of the brain when used as a source of nutrition.
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