azerbaijan cousine

Azerbaijan is famous worldwide for its cookery. Due to its favorable climatic conditions, the country is rich in fruits, vegetables and herbs which contribute to its lavish cuisine. In addition to this, the Azerbaijan cuisine is greatly influenced by cuisines from different cultures, thereby, making it famous among people from all around the world.

Azerbaijan Cuisine History

The Azerbaijan cuisine has a long history; archeologists have found that primitive people in this region used to have stone tools and other utensils for cooking as well as farming, thereby, revealing the fact that cooking has been common in Azerbaijan since time immemorial. The favorable climatic conditions have done great benefits to the cuisine. The earliest crops that were cultivated include wheat and barley. Primitive people also used milk and meat for cooking.

The modern Azerbaijan cuisine is one of the most famous eastern cuisines, with many of its dishes having a historical base. Although the cuisine reflects a blend of various cultures and lifestyles, it still keeps it originality and is unique in its own way.

The Modern Azerbaijan Cuisine

As the people in the country evolved, so did the food. Today, the Azerbaijan cuisine is famous for its great taste, exotic aroma as well as its health benefits. Azerbaijan is a country with nine climates and an abundance of water resources. This has given the area a lush soil which grows a diverse variety of crops. In addition to this, the material wealth of its population has also added a lot to the cookery trends.

Apart from climate, two other things which make this cuisine outstanding are the healthy eating habits of the Azerbaijani people, as well as, the availability of wholesome food. Azerbaijani dishes are made from different vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, spices and herbs. The main course includes lavish soups which have a wide range of different varieties.

Another famous dish in this cuisine is the pilau; it is made from rice cooked in fish, meat stock, chicken or dried fruits and fresh vegetables. The cuisine has forty different pilau varieties towater your mouth.

Next in line are the kebabs and shashlyks; these are also made from fish, beef, chicken or a combination of vegetables and meat. Stuffed fish and sturgeon shashlyk are famous varieties in this category. The use of herbs and spices is extensive which imparts a distinctive aroma to the food.

As a tradition and symbol of hospitality, people in Azerbaijan serve a special black tea after the meal. It is a famous beverage in the country.

The Azerbaijan cuisine is very rich, as, it consists of a combination of meat, fish, chicken, mutton, vegetables, herbs and spices. It is not only mouthwatering, but healthy too.

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