curry leaves

A seasoned ingredient in a range of Indian and Oceania dishes, curry leaves are obtained from a tropical tree family of Rutaceae. Having many nutritious and health benefits, they are used as a basic part in most Indian dishes.

Each time you enter any South Indian household, you are greeted by the special aroma of curry patta. Curry Patta is the popular regional name given to these leaves. Their natural flavor is enticing with a smell that attracts senses. Use of curry patta, in the Indian Subcontinent, dates back to ancient times. They are used both in raw state and cooked. Although used as a very common ingredient, they mostly are thrown away out of food. Their use is limited to develop the aroma and taste in cooked food.

Having properties to help stimulate digestion, curry leaves have many health benefits. They help in breaking down the food in order to make its digestion easier. Hence, consumption of curry leaves in any form results in a strong stomach.

Curry Leaves Benefits

Curry Leaves Benefits for Eyesight

Curry leaves are very popular for perfect eyesight. Their regular consumption prevents cataract problem to grow. Health experts suggest daily intake in the morning. They are useful both in the form of a juice or as part of cooked meal.

Curry Leaves Benefits for Hair and Skin

It is suggested by medical experts that the chemical properties of the curry leaves help prevent early graying of hair. Also with their use, growth of new hair is rapid. Studies show that it is very useful to help treat bruises and skin burns. Due to this reason, curry leaves are used in making oils, especially for the treatment of hair and skin.

Curry Leaves Benefits for Diabetes Control

All kinds of diabetes including the heredity diabetes or caused due to obesity are known to be treated with the curry leaves. They function as a weight reducing agent and control sugar level in blood. Maintaining a stable glucose level in blood is very important in controlling diabetes. Zinc and copper, with plenty of presence in curry leaves, are very effective to help control the glucose level.

Curry Leaves Benefits for Cancer

Mahanin is a chemical agent found in curry leaves which is considered to be fatal for cancer cells in a body. Especially effective in prostate cancer, they are now being used in medicines for the treatment of cancer patients. Researchers and medical scientists across the world are investigating further benefits of curry leaves to make an appropriate remedy for cancer.

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