malaysian cuisine

The Malaysian Cuisines are special kind of eateries that are famous among the Malaysian people and the neighboring countries. Although, the Malaysian people do have their own distinct kinds of food, there are still a variety of dishes that are simply created by the multiethnic kind of communities that they live in. There are various different spices, herbs and roots used in the food that the Malaysian Cuisine consists of.

Malaysian Cuisine Ingredients

There are different staple food ingredients that are commonly used in the Malaysian cuisines. Rice is a common ingredient in their dishes and Nasi Lemak is one of the most famous Malaysian dishes which is made of steamed rice topped with coconut milk and is presented with peanuts, eggs, sauces and cucumbers. It is a dish which creates a balance of different kinds of flavors and ingredients and is rich in nutrients. Malaysian cuisines may also be made from noodles which are available in different varieties and are a good source of carbohydrates and are used like rice as a prominent part of their dishes.

Bread is a staple diet of the Malaysians eaten in breakfast with different toppings and in a variety of forms. They also sometimes have puri, which is bread in a baked form and has now become part of the Malaysian culture. Dosa is another form of bread that is quite popular and loved by the Malaysians and is usually eaten with potatoes and meat fillings.

Among the meat and poultry, the cuisine is usually Halal as the dominant religion in Malaysia is Islam and in order to conform to the religious requirements, the meat is carefully sought. Beef and chicken are part of their dishes but since there are a lot of Hindus and Buddhists, the use of beef for them is unacceptable. Pork is preferred only by the non-Muslim population in Malaysia.

Among the types of mutton, goat is usually preferred over the meat of a. Fish; however, is a dominant part of the Malaysian cuisine since it is widely available in Malaysia offering a huge variety such as cord, salmon and other types. There is a vast array of local as well as imported fish available in their markets and can be cooked in a number of forms.

Also, the Malaysian weather is quite favorable for the growth of vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrition. Lychee, Mangoes, guavas, rambutan and durians are some of the famous Malaysian fruits which are also exported to other countries and loved worldwide.

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