fishing line

The term fishing line refers to a kind of cord that is used for the purpose of catching fish or angling. More simplistically speaking, it is the instrument that is used to catch fish from the waters. There are certain characteristics of the fishing line that determine just how effective it is. These are the rod's length, the material it is made up of and the weight. It is also to be noted that the thicker the rod is, the more visible it is to the fish and thus kills the purpose, because the fish recognizes it and swims away. The choice of fishing line depends on factors like the limpness, stretch, knot and breaking resistance, abrasion resistance and UV resistance.

Fishing Line Uses

The fishing hook that is attached to the rod is thrown into the water with bait attached to the hook. The bait attracts the fish towards itself and as the fish attempts to eat bait which is usually a worm or an insect, the hook pierces through the fish’s mouth which makes it impossible for the fish to make an escape. In another method, the gorge is attached at the end of the fishing line which is hidden underneath the bait. As soon as the fisherman feels the fish tugging on bait, he tightens the rope which pierces in the fish’s gullet and ensures that the fish cannot break free.

Modern Fishing Lines

The new fishing lines, which are made especially for spin cast, bait cast or spinning methods, to catch fish are manufactured from nylon polyvinylidene fluoride, Dacron, polythene and dyneema. The choice of the manufacturing depends on the purpose of fishing, the kind of water, size of fish and other factors that are necessary to consider. Monofilament is a material commonly used by the fishermen, as it is able to carry a lot of load and helps when the fishermen want to catch fish of bigger sizes. The modern types of fishing lines are more reliable in nature and have more strength as compared to the old traditional fishing lines. Fly lines and tenkara lines are fishing lines that are specialized types made to suit the different kinds of fishing techniques and purposes. Wire line is another kind of fishing line which is focused more on the kinds of fish that have teeth and can be grabbed easily.
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