Fishing is an activity that basically refers to the act of trying to catch fish from lakes, the sea or any other breeding ground. There are numerous techniques that can be used to catch the fish such as making use of a net, angling, gathering by hand or spearing. The term “fishing” is not just restricted to catching fish but also other sea creatures that are captured for various purposes. The fishing industry itself is prospering and is a successful form of employment for a lot of fishermen. Fishing however, is also a recreational activity that people sometimes indulge in.

Fishing History

Fishing is not a recent practice that has come about in recent years. Instead, it can be traced back to the ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations, which signifies how fishing has evolved over the years. However, the actual history of fishing can be taken back 40,000 years ago to the period of Paleolithic whereby traces were found which showed that fish was a normal item of consumption back in the day. Evidences were found in the form of fish skeletons which had been discarded after being consumed. There were also numerous cave carvings, showing pictures of fish which portrayed how fish was a part of the ancient lifestyles.

The Egyptian civilization were known to have vast levels of fish consumption since River Nile was rich and abundant in fish supply and provided much of the staple diet for the people. Even in the Indian culture around 1st century BC, fishing was a norm and was documented to be famous in the form of pearl fishery. The trend of fishing was depicted in the Roman culture through their unique form of art and the population of Peru showed fishing through their ceramic creations.

Fishing Types

Fishing is done for various purposes. Commercial fishing refers to the act of fishing for mainly selling purposes where it provides a source of income to the fishermen. In recreational fishing, people engage in it for leisure and catch fresh fish for eating purposes. It may also be practiced as a sporting activity in the form of catching fish. Another fishing practice is known as tournament fishing where competitions take place and also include a certain prize for whoever catches the most fish in a given period of time. Fishing may take place in salty or even fresh water and is considered to be quite an enjoyable occupation and practice.
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