english cuisine

As the term suggests, English cuisine refers to the recipes, traditions and cooking styles used in England. Some of the most famous English dishes include: Lancaster Hot Pot, Black Pudding, Steak & Kidney Pie, Yorkshire Pudding, Cornish Pasty, Shepherd's Pie and Fish & Chips. The Fish & Chips, in particular, is internationally famous. It contains thick potato chips, French fries and deep-fried batter-dipped cod or other fish. Malt vinegar and salt are also sprinkled on it for added flavor. Fish cakes are also still popular that contains a slice of fish sandwiched between two slices of potato.

English Cuisine Breakfast

A traditional English breakfast includes: black pudding, sausages, butter toast, fried bread, fried mushrooms, grilled or fried tomatoes, fried or poached eggs, back bacon (streaky bacon is also used but is comparatively less common). A mug of tea also accompanies this breakfast. This breakfast package is also often teemed as 'fry-up' because almost every item included is fried. Other popular terms are Full English breakfast and Full Monty breakfast. Unlike the term, Full English breakfast is also enjoyed as a late supper or during lunch time. In such cases, it is served as a multi-course meal. Starter is also offered in the beginning that often contains cereal or fruits. There are many eateries in England that has specialization in all-day-breakfast and they usually do not offer anything else. Since it takes a lot of time to cook a Full English breakfast, people at home usually prefer to have it on non-working days. Light breakfasts are more common at home on working days that include: toast, scrambled or boiled eggs, muesli and cereal.

English Cuisine Sausages

English sausages are also popularly known as bangers. The thing that makes it distinctive is that it is made from fresh meats, especially beef and pork. Many regional varieties are also very famous, where chefs offer their own distinctive variations and recipes. Some of the most popular regional varieties include: the long curled Cumberland, the herbal Lincolnshire, pork and mozzarella, beef and stilton, pork and herb, pork and apple and many others. English sausages are also served in the form of sausage rolls that contain sausages wrapped in pastry. Besides that, sausages are also commonly served with mashed potato with gravy. It is believed that there are over four hundred sausage varieties used in English cuisine.

The word 'sandwich' is also believed to be first given by England only. English sandwiches usually include some kind of roll or two slices of bread with distinctively English fillings like Gentleman's Relish and pickled relishes. Other common forms of sandwich fillings include: jam, marmite, tuna, prawn mayonnaise, egg mayonnaise, cheese and pickle, ham and mustard, chicken salad and roast beef.
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