About Cod

The word Cod has different Meanings; it is frequently used referring to the genus Gadus of demersal fishes that belong to the Gadidate Family. Cod Fish are mild flavored with low fat and flaky white flesh. They are used in the extraction of Cod liver oils, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Out of all Cods, the most significant ones are Atlantic cod and Pacific cod. Atlantic cods are located in colder water and deep sea in the Northern Atlantic. Found in eastern and western regions, Pacific cods are located in northern pacific, thus named so. Cods are largely consumed in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy and United States.

Cod Characteristics

Gadus cods consist of two anal fins, having small pelvic fins. Their upper jaws are extended over the lower jaws. Having medium size eyes, the Atlantic cods can change color according to the water depths. Average weight is around 5-12 Kilograms. Pacific cods are comparatively smaller than that of Atlantic cods, being darker in color.

Cod History and Significance

Since 800 AD, Cod has been holding a huge value in the international market. Portuguese started cod fishing in 15th century and clip fish became widely used fish in Portugal. Understanding its importance, the North American east coast was developed in part due to the enormous cod stocks.

With the beginning of 17th century, cod turned in to a major commodity. Trading networks were created for cod exchanges. It was in 1733 that the cod trade increased as the French wanted to work the New Englanders in a well-paid smuggled goods arrangement.

The fishing grounds for cod fishing are far from population. This makes it different from common type of fish. There are vast cod fisheries that have been developed along the coasts of Northern Norway that are especially in function for the export for transporting the stockfish over large distances. Dried and salted cod (e.g clipfish) are also exported.

COD Species

In past, there were many species included in the Gadus. However, with modernization in the fishery studies, these species are classified in other genres. Now there are three cod species, having many common names that represent them in common people. Most of them have the "cod" word attach to their common names, with other species like haddock, Pollock, etc.

Although there are various different types of fish, cod is one significant class which is highly in demand worldwide.
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