When it comes to online searching in China, Baidu is definitely the leader in all aspects. Whether you are looking for a favorite website, the latest music and pictures or anything you can think of, in the Chinese language, nothing is better than Baidu.

Baidu History

Before Baidu, it was certainly not easy to find something that could cater to the need of Chinese people online like Google did for the Western world. This need gave birth to the idea over 12 years ago, which has now grown tremendously, from just a simple search engine tool to now offering some of the most comprehensive databases from the field of law to the world of entertainment.

Baidu word basically comes from the last line of Xin Qiji’s classical poem "Green Jade Table in The Lantern Festival", which talks about finding what the heart desires in the dimmest of candlelight. This is what Baidu actually stands for. Allowing people to find what they need, without exhausting themselves doing so.

Baidu Services

Starting off as a simple search engine, Baidu has grown extensively and covers a vast field of topics from locating the latest information ranging from simple spell checking to stock quotes, weather, videos, train and flight schedules and much, much more depending on your need.

Searching maps, songs, videos and a comprehensive encyclopaedia is just a small portion of things you can do using Baidu. There is also Baidu Space, a local social networking service which has over 100 million users, Baidu Legal Search for national and local laws, law decisions and much more. Baidu Love is also another great service which allows users to interact with their loved ones along with Baidu Internet TV, providing the opportunity to watch and download movies, television programs and cartoons from its very own servers.

With a database of over 740 million web pages, 80 million images and 10 million audio and video files, Baidu surely is the biggest resource for the Chinese community. No other website can compete with this search engine.

Reaching new levels in the world of technology is just what Baidu does. With Baidu Yi, a smartphone operating system built on the strong foundation of Android OS, users continue to trust Baidu as their brand fulfilling all needs in the virtual world.
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