How to grow Elderberry Plants

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How to grow Elderberry Plants
Elderberries are very popular in Europe for making jams, jellies, juices and wines. Elderberries prefers the moist soil and not very sunny environment, and do not tolerate drought conditions. Growing elderberries is very easy and straightforward. Here we will explain, how to breed elderberries.

step-by-step instructions

  1. The best time to breed elderberry plant is in the end of August – September. To breed elderberry plant, it is necessary to find new healthy elderberry branch and take it from the bush. Don't worry, this is not dangerous for the whole plant, elderberry is very resistant to pruning.

  2. Cut off leaves from the main elderberry branch, but leave about 1 cm petiole untouched. Chop the branch into short pieces, with about 3 buds on each stick.

  3. Stick these branches into the ground, to hide one bud under the ground and leave two buds in the air. Water them well and leave over winter.

  4. Next spring enjoy with new growing elderberry plants. Usually almost all of them are grows very well, but on the picture one of them was bitten by some insects or birds.

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by: John Farnon
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