How To Increase Download Speed

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How To Increase Download Speed
The basic aim of using internet is the fastest access to the required knowledge and multimedia. The benefits are so huge that everything is just a click away. But what if the ‘click’ doesn’t help? The only reason, rest assured, can be slow downloading speed which certainly becomes extremely annoying to the users. Downloading speed is the rate at which the data is transferred from the internet to the computers. Kilobits per second (kbps), kilobytes per second (KBps), megabits per second (Mbps) and megabytes per second (MBps) are the units used to measure the download speed.

Slow downloads may definitely result in risky situations if the work is delayed. Nobody wants that when you specially have several ways to speed up downloads. Below are a few ways to increase download speed:

step-by-step instructions

  1. You should have thorough knowledge about the internet in use. If it’s a dial-up connection, you should switch to a cable or DSL service. Moreover, you need to completely understand what a fast connection is. For instance, anything less than 1MB is not considered fast in this fast paced internet world where you’ve to download heavy software and play games online. In UK, home users enjoy 8MB internet connection which is quite fast for them. However, for businesses, they need huge download speeds, sometimes in GBs, as their all operations are handled online.

  2. All the unnecessarily opened programs should be closed to speed up downloads.

  3. You can always upgrade your internet connection. If your service provider doesn’t have a good customer feedback or you know of some other better service in the same area, it would be wise switching to it. This will also satisfy you for the money worth spending.

  4. Always disable add-ons and extra tool bars.

  5. Another good idea may be to leave things for downloading while you are not using computer. This will save most of your time online.

  6. Do not download all the files simultaneously. Take them in turn so that the speed doesn’t get slow. More the download stock lesser will be the speed.

  7. Downloading the files other people might be using certainly results in slow speed so try downloading the same files at different times of the day.

  8. Test your internet speed through various online speed tests such as McAfee (speedometer) and Speakeasy (Speak test). This is to ensure that the service provider is providing the promised internet speed.

  9. Last but not the least; you can always put the software Download Accelerator to use. This not only speeds up the download but also directs them.

tips and tricks

  • Given all the solutions above, you just need not worry about the download speed as you can have it fixed without upgrading your computer, however, the computer optimization should be ensured before everything else!
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by: Muhammad Suhail Ajmal
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