How to make strong password

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How to make strong password
For access to different websites you should have your own username and password. For security reasons, this password should be unique for each website and it should be very strong. Furthermore, for security reasons, it is bad to keep password written somewhere, specially in the public places or even in the office.

step-by-step instructions

  1. Your password should contain two parts. First part should be identical for all your passwords and should only kept in your memory. Use any long, easy to remember name, like your name, your street name, name from your family. Add one special symbol. For example: John[, or JohnSmith#, etc.

  2. For each new password add few very random symbols, in different registers, selected from letters a-z, digits, 0-9 or special symbols, like [{(-=# etc. For example, fT]34 or []$k3, etc. This part of the passwords you should keep in writing.

  3. Now it is very easy to make your password – take your secret word from step 1 and add random sequence from step 2. This will give you reasonably secure, and easy to use password.

tips and tricks

  • Use special symbols like []{}!"$%^&*()_-=+#~.,?/\@
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