How to tie the blood-knot

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How to tie the blood-knot
To tie two lengths of gut together, there is no knot which can compare in any way with the blood-knot, of which we give an illustration. It would be difficult to say too much in praise of this knot: it is very neat when finished; the ends of the gut are in the centre of the knot and consequently protected; blood-knot is the best knot for either fine or stout gut ever invented. If it is desired to have a dropper-fly, then one of the ends put through the centre can be left long for the purpose. After a time it will be found that the amount of waste is infinitesimal. It allows of repairs to a cast being made with the greatest ease. Facility in tying the blood-knot comes only after practice, but, though it took hours to acquire, it would still be worth all the trouble, for it is one of the most valuable possessions the angler can have.

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step-by-step instructions

  1. Put left over right. (A over B.)

  2. With the fore-finger and thumb of the left hand hold the strands firmly at their intersection; pass A over B twice, meantime holding B tight with the right hand, and pass the end over strand A and under B as shown.

  3. Hold with the forefinger and thumb of the right hand the knot as far as made; keep strand A tight with the left hand: pass B behind and over A twice and place end of B from behind into the loop; the ends of A and B will point in opposite directions.

  4. Moisten the whole knot slightly and pull all tight.

tips and tricks

  • The gut must be well soaked beforehand.
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by: John Farnon
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