How to install Image::Magick Perl library

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How to install Image::Magick Perl library
Image::Magick is one of very powerful graphical libraries for Perl. If you use need to use Perl for manipulation with your images, the Image::Magick library probably will suitable for all your needs. Unfortunately, it is impossible to install this library with standard CPAN install Image::Magick on UBUNTU, you should follow our How To. This advice was tested on UBINTU, and probably will works fine with all other Linux clones.

step-by-step instructions

  1. In any Unix shell type these commands and supply root password if necessary.
    Command one:
    sudo aptitude install imagemagick

  2. And two:
    sudo aptitude install perlmagick

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by: John Farnon
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tags: cpan; graphic library; linux; perl; ubuntu

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