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  • How to cook crispy French Fries from prepack friesHow to cook crispy French Fries from prepack fries
    Many large shops have a frozen chips for French Fries cooking. These frozen chips are much more convenient in compare with preparation from the raw ...

  • How to bake potatoes in the charcoalHow to bake potatoes in the charcoal
    This is a very old recipe, of cooking potato. Originally, many tribes and travellers cook potatoes in the hot ashes of the bonfire. To repeat this ...

  • How to oven bake potatoesHow to oven bake potatoes
    This recipe is not for English traditional baked potatoes. Just another way to make potatoes very quickly and very simply. This baked potatoes will ...

  • How to cook baked potatoesHow to cook baked potatoes
    Baked potatoes also known as jacket potatoes is very easy to cook and very nutritious. Baked potatoes is traditional for English cousine. Properly ...

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