About lobster

Lobster are wide spread around the world. They can be found almost in any sea water. Lobsters have massive tails and very big claws, All parts are very delicious for cooking

lobster how to

  • How to shell a lobsterHow to shell a lobster
    Actually, I don’t really like to boil whole lobster and then think, what else we can do now and how to eat it. I do prefer to cook it differently, ...

  • How to fry lobster tails in butterHow to fry lobster tails in butter
    Meat from a lobster tails is one of the best delicacies of the sea. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to cook this meat very gently, with ...

  • How to grill lobsters, three marinadesHow to grill lobsters, three marinades
    There are many different ways to cook lobsters, but the grilling will give the best results. Unfortunately, the simple grilling of the whole lobster ...

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